Harding and Morris County Primary Voting Results

Congratulations, Harding Democrats! The results of the 2020 NJ Primary voting are in and they are very encouraging. In Morris County, more Democrats cast ballots than republicans!

At the Morris County level, the votes for President, Senator, and Freeholder (county-wide elections) were:

TrumpWrite-InSum Pres
Morris County – President – Republican
SandersBidenUncommittedWrite-InSum Pres
Morris County – President – Democrat
AnagnosMehtaFlanaganRiveraSinghWrite InSum Senate
Morris County – Senate – Republican
BookerHammWrite-InSum Senate
Morris County – Senate – Democrat
SelenWrite-InSum Freeholder
Morris County – Freeholder – Republican
AmaroBaranskiWrite-InSum Freeholder
Morris County – Freeholder – Democrat

In total, Morris County reported 98,799 total ballots cast, so 4,743 people chose not to vote for either President or Senator. The voter registration for the Primary was 232,288 [Democrat + Republican] so that the turnout (ballots/registered voters) was 42.5%. And finally, the party turnout was 35.7%-Republican to 51.1%-Democrat.

In Harding Township, the votes for Township Committee were:

Harding Township – Township Committee – Republican
Harding Township – Township Committee – Democrat

In total, Harding Township reported 1,114 total ballots cast. The voter registration for the Primary was 2,248 [Democrat + Republican] so that the turnout (ballots/registered voters) was 49.6%. And finally, the party turnout was 33%-Republican to 60%-Democrat.

How to vote in Tuesday’s Primary in Harding

July 2, 2020


The Primary Election is Tuesday, July 7, 2020. If you have received a Vote By Mail ballot you will not be permitted to vote on the machine unless you are disabled and require an in-person accessible voting device.

Voters who have received a Vote By Mail ballot will vote by provisional paper ballot if they show up at the polling place, but do not require an in-person accessible voting device. A provisional paper ballot is similar to voting on your VBM ballot.

If you have questions or require further information, you can go to the Morris Country Board of Elections website at http://www.elections.morriscountynj.gov or contact the Morris County Clerk at (973) 285-6066, the Morris County Board of Elections at (973) 285-6715, or the Harding Township Municipal Clerk at 973/267-8000, ext. 1968.

Robert Falzarano
Township Administrator
Harding Township

‘Team of Rivals’ forms non-profit to preserve community journalism

Jun 16, 2020

Two candidates who ran against each other last November are teaming up in a non-partisan effort to preserve and strengthen community newspapers in New Jersey.

Nicolas Platt, a Republican Harding Township Committee member and former mayor, and his past opponent, Amanda Richardson, the Harding Democratic chair, formed the Corporation for New Jersey Local Media, http://www.newsweneed.org, to ensure the future of community newspapers.

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Voting in the July 7 Primary

COVID-19 has disrupted the July 7 primary election. The polling location will not be operating as usual and the election will be primarily vote-by-mail (VBM). Sample ballots will not be mailed to voters as usual. But you can view the sample ballots HERE .

Voters who have registered with either the Democratic or Republican party will receive a VBM ballot in their regular mail. Voters who are not registered with a party can apply for a ballot by filling out and mailing in a special form found HERE.

After completing your VBM ballot, you then mail it to the Morris County clerk (whose office oversees elections). Instructions are included on the ballot. Leave enough time to ensure that your VBM ballot is postmarked by July 7.

For additional Information [Drop Boxes, in-person voting conditions, and FAQ],

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Harding Democrats note a special Memorial Day

HARDING TWP. _ Democratic Township Committee candidates Amanda Richardson and Kate Barry made note of a special Memorial Day in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Memorial Day will be quiet this year. Most will be sheltering at home, separated from many of the friends and family members with whom they would traditionally gather. Streets will not be lined with residents enjoying parades, as public salutes and tributes are unfortunately delayed or canceled,” They wrote in a prepared release.

“We write on behalf of the Harding Democrats to observe that on this day of remembrance and tribute, we shine the light on those Americans who bravely answered the call and gave their all to keep us safe and to protect the freedoms and values we all too often take for granted. Perhaps removing the pageantry will allow us all to better reflect on the meaning of the day: the ultimate sacrifice that the women and men of our U.S. military have made in service to our great nation. On this Memorial Day, we honor their selfless service and bravery and their unwavering belief in the spirit and goodness of our country.

“This year, we also pay tribute to all those who have given their lives in sacrifice as they fight the war against COVID-19. Healthcare workers, first responders, and essential workers bravely and selflessly have given their lives in service to their fellow Americans to win the battle against this new kind of enemy. During this national emergency, let their sacrifices remind us all that we too have a meaningful role to play in keeping our nation strong and safe.

“Let us remember all of these fallen heroes this Memorial Day, and renew our commitment to providing our individual support as we can. There are various ways to support Gold Star families, some of which are collected here: http://www.operationwearehere.com/FallenWarriorsFinancial.html. To honor the memory of those who have sacrificed their lives in the war against coronavirus, our individual behavior can also play a meaningful role. Let us all carry on with fortitude and strength, without rancor or discord, to do what is necessary to keep our community safe and to serve those in need.”

Barry and Richardson will face off against GOP candidates, Township Committeeman Tim Jones, and Rita Chipperson, in the general election Tuesday, Nov. 3.