Amanda Richardson

Amanda Richardson is the Democratic Candidate for Harding Township Committee in 2019. See this story for more details. To donate to her campaign, click below.

“I am committed to ensuring that all residents feel heard and represented. It is at the local level that many of the decisions that most affect our lives are made.”

–Amanda Richardson
Candidate for Harding Township Committee

Mathew Eckman, Amanda Richardson, and Henry Richardson

Amanda Richardson grew up in Harding and returned with her husband to raise her family and care for her parents. She is an attorney who runs Resource Equity, a non- profit that advances women’s rights to land and resources in developing countries.

Amanda looks forward to bringing her legal and entrepreneurial expertise to the Township Committee. In addition to her experience running an organization, Amanda is skilled in crafting laws and regulations, and in listening to and working with communities to implement development projects. Amanda will represent the interests of all Harding residents, ensuring they have the information to evaluate how town decisions will affect them and the opportunity to be heard before decisions are made.

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