Vote for Richardson and Barry in Harding

Oct 13, 2020, Observer-Tribune

EDITOR: I write in support of the candidacies of Amanda Richardson and Kate Barry for Harding Township Committee.

Both are energetic and smart and have demonstrated their commitment to the community through their volunteerism and participation in local organizations. Both would represent a welcome broadening of representation on the Harding Township Committee.

At the Candidates Night event on Oct. 5, the interactions were on the whole civil and respectful. Kate and Amanda brought forward new ideas and suggestions that would enhance the knowledge and awareness of the township residents. They also probed Township Committee inactions such as a lack of followup to explain the dramatic disparate impact of the recent revaluation of properties in Harding.

Only in closing did both of their opponents engage in unfounded ideological characterizations, something just not relevant to governing a small community. There is as little logic to the view that a Democrat is fiscally imprudent as to the view that a Republican is anti-environment. There is no place for such labeling in a municipal race.

Please vote. When you do so, please vote for Amanda and Kate for Harding Township Committee.


Lake Trail West, Harding Township

Where was Yates on Harding revaluation? She’s voting for Richardson and Barry

Oct 12, 2020, Observer-Tribune

EDITOR: The Harding Township Civic Association sponsored a Meet the Candidates Night on Oct. 5.

This forum was an excellent opportunity to learn about the substantive positions and personal qualities of the four candidates.

Amanda Richardson and Kate Barry demonstrated that night that they are the best candidates for the Township Committee. They have my vote.

That night Amanda and Kate shared important information about the recent Harding revaluation of Harding properties.

They explained that properties with less than three acres were hard hit with tax assessment increases: the data shows that 83 percent of all such properties saw tax assessment increases.

After subsequent investigation, I learned that one property in this category received a tax increase of over 100 percent. Contrast this result with the tax assessment decreases of properties with ve acres or more: 37 percent of all such improved lots had tax assessment decreases while only 24 percent of properties in this category saw tax assessment increases.

Despite the significant impact on so many Harding citizens, Mayor (Christopher) Yates did not think it necessary to hold a public meeting either before the revaluation took place or after the results were released.

While other nearby towns did host public meetings with the outside appraisal company to explain the methodology and to answer resident questions, Mayor Yates has declined to do so in Harding.

We are left with many unanswered questions. We want to know, for example, how the appraisal company came to its valuation conclusions in light of the fact that in Harding there are so many unique properties and relatively few comparable sales on which to rely.

How were properties grouped together?
How was the at fee applied to lots within each group?

Despite his years of being on our Township Committee, Mayor Yates could offer nothing more than his own personal speculation that larger properties have lost value in recent markets. While Mayor Yates may have heard anecdotes to this effct, he offered no serious or systematic study to prove this to be the case.

What is needed now is clear-eyed, rigorous thinking.
What is needed now is a commitment to fact-based transparency.

What is needed now is Amanda Richardson and Kate Barry to sit on the Harding Township Committee and they deserve our vote on Nov. 3.


Spruce Lane, Harding Township

Harding and Morris County Primary Voting Results

Congratulations, Harding Democrats! The results of the 2020 NJ Primary voting are in and they are very encouraging. In Morris County, more Democrats cast ballots than republicans!

At the Morris County level, the votes for President, Senator, and Freeholder (county-wide elections) were:

TrumpWrite-InSum Pres
Morris County – President – Republican
SandersBidenUncommittedWrite-InSum Pres
Morris County – President – Democrat
AnagnosMehtaFlanaganRiveraSinghWrite InSum Senate
Morris County – Senate – Republican
BookerHammWrite-InSum Senate
Morris County – Senate – Democrat
SelenWrite-InSum Freeholder
Morris County – Freeholder – Republican
AmaroBaranskiWrite-InSum Freeholder
Morris County – Freeholder – Democrat

In total, Morris County reported 98,799 total ballots cast, so 4,743 people chose not to vote for either President or Senator. The voter registration for the Primary was 232,288 [Democrat + Republican] so that the turnout (ballots/registered voters) was 42.5%. And finally, the party turnout was 35.7%-Republican to 51.1%-Democrat.

In Harding Township, the votes for Township Committee were:

Harding Township – Township Committee – Republican
Harding Township – Township Committee – Democrat

In total, Harding Township reported 1,114 total ballots cast. The voter registration for the Primary was 2,248 [Democrat + Republican] so that the turnout (ballots/registered voters) was 49.6%. And finally, the party turnout was 33%-Republican to 60%-Democrat.

How to vote in Tuesday’s Primary in Harding

July 2, 2020


The Primary Election is Tuesday, July 7, 2020. If you have received a Vote By Mail ballot you will not be permitted to vote on the machine unless you are disabled and require an in-person accessible voting device.

Voters who have received a Vote By Mail ballot will vote by provisional paper ballot if they show up at the polling place, but do not require an in-person accessible voting device. A provisional paper ballot is similar to voting on your VBM ballot.

If you have questions or require further information, you can go to the Morris Country Board of Elections website at or contact the Morris County Clerk at (973) 285-6066, the Morris County Board of Elections at (973) 285-6715, or the Harding Township Municipal Clerk at 973/267-8000, ext. 1968.

Robert Falzarano
Township Administrator
Harding Township

‘Team of Rivals’ forms non-profit to preserve community journalism

Jun 16, 2020

Two candidates who ran against each other last November are teaming up in a non-partisan effort to preserve and strengthen community newspapers in New Jersey.

Nicolas Platt, a Republican Harding Township Committee member and former mayor, and his past opponent, Amanda Richardson, the Harding Democratic chair, formed the Corporation for New Jersey Local Media,, to ensure the future of community newspapers.

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