Richardson and Barry know Harding’s values

EDITOR: Step up, get involved, pitch in. That’s what we ask of the next generation of Harding. We know their involvement is critical to maintaining the community we treasure and the low taxes we enjoy.

Amanda Richardson and Kate Barry have stepped up to serve our community. Between them, they have served on the Environmental Commission, Civic Association, Great Swamp Watershed Association, Rolling Knolls Superfund Cleanup Advisory Committee, and co-founded the Harding Mom’s Group and the Harding Democrats.

During the pandemic, they held fundraisers to send food from local restaurants to front-line workers, including our local police. They collected hundreds of pounds of food and thousands of dollars for nourish.NJ and Interfaith Food Pantry.

We would expect nothing less from these Harding natives. They were raised in a community that taught them to engage civilly with respect for others and to give back to their town.

While many have embraced Kate and Amanda and their willingness to serve on the Harding Township Committee, their opponents, unfortunately, have responded as if their sensible ideas to improve town government and proactively plan for the future were some existential threat to Harding.

No, Kate and Amanda are not socialists or communists or QaNon; they support Harding’s police and do not seek to defund them; they do not want to give away free stuff and spend your money like sailors; and they do not want to bring housing projects to Harding.

They want to maintain Harding’s beauty and low taxes, and to bring Harding forward to a future that looks a lot like the past – with some modern technology and fresh ideas to bring people together.

Vote for Amanda Richardson and Kate Barry, the moderate choice for Harding Township Committee.


Millbrook Road, Harding Township

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