Richardson and Barry far from ‘radical partisan’ politicos

EDITOR: Whoa, Chris Yates and Rita Chipperson!

Wait a minute before accusing your Democratic rivals of ”radical partisan politics,” words from your latest promotion piece.

Democratic candidates Amanda Richardson and Kate Barry participated in a cordial debate this fall with their counterparts. They discussed appropriate ways to repair Dicksons Mill Road bridge. They also proposed live streaming Township Committee hearings for ease in tracking timely issues within the township. Far from left-wing or radical. Rather, logical and reasonable.

Apparently, the Republicans think that Richardson and Barry are ”far left” because of an endorsement by the NJ Working Families Alliance (NJWFA)Am. That’s not how it works. Last time I looked NJWFA supports a $15 minimum wage, an issue that resonates with a majority of Americans nationally.

Richardson and Barry are from this community. They mirror constituents’ views. No one benefits from pointing fingers or affixing false labels on the competition. As the late congressman Elijah Cummings said, “We can do better than this.”

By casting a vote for Richardson and Barry, we will elect two outstanding candidates. Let’s keep the discourse civil. Let’s be willing to embrace new ideas.


Hemlock Lane, Harding Township

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