Barry and Richardson part of the fabric of Harding

EDITOR: I am writing in response to Ms. (Victoria) Kao’s recent letter. Kate Barry and Amanda Richardson grew up in Harding, steeped in the tradition of civil discourse and honest debate. Toxic labeling and stereotyping have no place in our community.

Kate and Amanda have laid out their views on local issues—they are hardly the radical progressives Ms. Kao makes them out to be. Rather, they are committed to maintaining low taxes, acting as good public stewards of our money and land, and improving the ways in which people of the town learn about issues and support our community organizations.

The school issues raised in Ms. Kao’s letter are within the purview of the Harding Township Board of Education, not the Township Committee, the body on which Amanda and Kate seek to serve.

That said, you can rest assured that our candidates – one of whom attended Harding School and the other of whom who will send her son there soon – know what a gem it is. There are candidates for the Board of Education on this ballot—those are the votes that are relevant to your concerns about the school.

Neither Kate and Amanda, nor Chris Yates and Rita Chipperson, are running for state office in Trenton.

Again, I encourage to vote for the candidates running for state office if you are displeased with the decisions made at that level of government. Indeed, during the Meet the Candidates forum with the candidates for Township Committee, the Republican candidates spent much of their time talking about all the ways they wanted to fight against Trenton, rather than the ways they wanted to fight for Harding.

Kate and Amanda support maintaining a strong sense of community within Harding, and encourage open and honest communication between the residents and their elected officials. They understand that our township is made up of individuals with diverse ideas and opinions, and would like to see those views represented both in the Township Committee itself, as well as in the many boards and committees whose members are appointed by the Township Committee.

I voted for Kate Barry and Amanda Richardson for Township Committee, and I urge you to do so as well.


Millbrook Road, Harding Township

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