Elect Richardson and Barry in Harding

Oct 21, 2020, Observer-Tribune

EDITOR: Amanda Richardson and Kate Barry need to be elected to the Harding Township Committee.

Both women were raised in Harding Township and chose to return to settle down. They intimately know the needs and values of our wonderful town.

In fact, these two highly educated, articulate, compassionate women epitomize what is central to Harding.

Their dedication to volunteerism in their hometown is exemplied by Ms. Barry’s serving on the Harding Environmental Commission, the Great Swamp Watershed Association, and the Community Advisory Group for the EPA (federal Environmental Protection Agency) clean-up of the Rolling Knolls superfund site.

Ms. Richardson is a board member of The Harding Township Civic Association, the chair of the Harding Democrats, the co-founder of the Harding Moms group which has gown to over 200 members, and the executive director of the non-prot Corporation for New Jersey Local Media.

During the COVID crisis, Amanda and Kate also spent countless hours spearheading fundraising eorts to send food from local restaurants to frontline workers, coordinated a phone banking campaign to check in with Harding seniors, and ran a food drive in support of the Interfaith Food Pantry and another with the Morristown Democrats to benet nourishNJ.

Ms. Barry has an maaster’s degree in Environmental Science and Ms. Richardson is an attorney with experience in community-building and land rights’ issues.

These areas of expertise are not represented by the members of the Township Committee nor by their opponents in this race. Adding this expertise to the Township Committee would benet our town immensely.

Amanda and Kate have also been recognized for their commitment to environmental protection. The League of Conservation Voters, a nonpartisan organization, recently endorsed Amanda and Kate for Township Committee.

Ms. Barry and Ms. Richardson want to further their contributions to our town by serving as Township Committee members ,and we should overwhelmingly vote them in.


Deer Ridge Drive Harding Township

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