Vote for Barry and Richardson in Harding

Oct 19, 2020, Observer Tribune

EDITOR: I support Kate Barry and Amanda Richardson for Harding Township Committee and want to describe why.

I grew up here and have lived here for 53 years, and I know this town and the people who live here as well as anyone.

I have been very disappointed in the Township Committee’s lack of communication on Aordable Housing, especially on Hurstmont and Glen Alpin, which were arranged without any meaningful input from the town’s residents.

The resulting rezoning of (Route) 202 allows for extreme over development—the possibility of 800 new units—changing the character of Harding permanently. Proactive planning with meaningful resident input, before the township engages in condential litigation negotiations, must be the way forward.

Furthermore, with Mayor (Christopher) Yates at the helm, our taxes have just increased dramatically, especially those on less than three acres. This tax hit came as a surprise to residents and places an added burden on our local businesses that already are struggling to survive.

At the Meet the Candidates Forum, Chipperson oered nothing new, simply nodding along with Yates and stating that she would do exactly as he has these previous years.

Amanda and Kate will bring a better way of doing things, one that is more responsive to township residents and does a better job of communicating to them.

Kate Barry and Amanda Richardson have been endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters and the Working Families Alliance.

Vote for them to keep Harding green, vibrant and an aordable place to live.


Deer Ridge Drive Harding Township

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