Barry and Richardson perfect for Harding

Oct 16, 2020, Observer-Tribune

EDITOR: I am voting for Kate Barry and Amanda Richardson for Harding Township Committee and I urge you to do so too.

As long-time residents raised in Harding who know the town’s history, people and potential, they will bring a much-needed refresh to the Township Committee.

Amanda and Kate are committed to maintaining low taxes, proactively planning how to address aordable housing mandates in a way that preserves Harding’s character, saving the beauty of Dickson’s Mill Road and preserving our open space.

Amanda and Kate will meet residents “where they are” using streaming, social media and one-on-one meetings to keep residents informed.

Their approach is a welcome contrast from the existing Township Committee’s expressed view that “if residents care about an issue, they should show up at a meeting.” In-person attendance is not always feasible, and as this year has demonstrated, we can improve citizen participation and communication using modern technology.

At the Candidates’ Night, Kate and Amanda engaged in a collegial and substantive discussion of the issues.

In his closing statement, Mayor (Christopher) Yates ignored what they said and unfairly stereotyped them.

We respect each other in Harding and we must not allow the toxic climate outside of our borders to have a place in our local government. It will hurt our community and discourage volunteers from participating in Harding’s civic life.

It’s time for bipartisan representation on the Township Committee. Please vote for Amanda Richardson and Kate Barry.


Blue Mill Road Harding Township

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