Vote for Richardson and Barry in Harding

Oct 13, 2020, Observer-Tribune

EDITOR: I write in support of the candidacies of Amanda Richardson and Kate Barry for Harding Township Committee.

Both are energetic and smart and have demonstrated their commitment to the community through their volunteerism and participation in local organizations. Both would represent a welcome broadening of representation on the Harding Township Committee.

At the Candidates Night event on Oct. 5, the interactions were on the whole civil and respectful. Kate and Amanda brought forward new ideas and suggestions that would enhance the knowledge and awareness of the township residents. They also probed Township Committee inactions such as a lack of followup to explain the dramatic disparate impact of the recent revaluation of properties in Harding.

Only in closing did both of their opponents engage in unfounded ideological characterizations, something just not relevant to governing a small community. There is as little logic to the view that a Democrat is fiscally imprudent as to the view that a Republican is anti-environment. There is no place for such labeling in a municipal race.

Please vote. When you do so, please vote for Amanda and Kate for Harding Township Committee.


Lake Trail West, Harding Township

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