Vote Barry, Allen for diversity in Harding Township

Letter to the Editor; Observer-Tribune; 03-Oct-2018


I wholeheartedly support the candidacies of Kate Barry and Rhonda Allen for seats on the Harding Township Committee.

Kate and Rhonda are both well qualified and prepared to assume the role of Township Committee members.

Kate is a third generation Harding resident who grew up in a family with a history of public service. She obviously loves her hometown. She has an educational background in environmental science and a professional background in real estate.

Rhonda is a trained psychologist with her own practice here in town and has raised her two sons here. Her husband, Peter, has considerable family history in Harding. Both Kate and Rhonda have been active in attending Township Committee meetings for the past few years.

That neither has experience on a township board or committee should not be a reflection on them, but rather on the state of partisan politics in Harding. Both have actively sought appointment to positions on Harding boards and committees where they believed their backgrounds and experiences would be of value. Both have been ignored by the current Township Committee (while Republican candidates have been appointed to those positions) without so much as a meeting to discuss their interest.

In my opinion, the exclusion by the Township Committee of non-Republican volunteers has gotten significantly worse in Harding in the past 10 years or so. Along with that, the exclusion of dissent (apparent insistence on unanimous Township Committee voting even on items for which differing community feelings have been evident) does not serve the community well.

It is time to vote in a more diverse and representative Township Committee that includes Kate and Rhonda.

Please come out to vote on Nov. 6.


Lake Trail West, Harding Township

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