Allen and Barry will stimulate civic involvement in Harding

Letter to the Editor; Observer-Tribune; Oct 3, 2018


Let’s welcome two new faces on the Harding Township Committee: Allen and Barry.

I am writing in support of Rhonda Allen and Kate Barry for Harding Township Committee. Both women are long time residents spanning three generations here. Both have impressive educational backgrounds: Dr. Allen has a PhD in clinical psychology and Ms. Barry holds a masters in environment and sustainable development.

They are committed to Harding’s green spaces and low taxes.

Their campaign of “shared values, fresh perspectives” offers voters a chance for real dialogue at township meetings. They pledge to video record and broadcast all meetings for greater transparency.

They will reach out to a wider swath of experts to assist with ongoing issues facing our town, such as the ambient noise created by traffic on Route 287.

They will assure every Harding resident is represented, that we have a clear and comprehensive method for applying to boards and committees. Who of us doesn’t want more accountability and transparency in local government?

Please vote for Democrats Allen and Barry who welcome everyone’s input into grass roots issues.


Hemlock Lane, Harding Township

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