Vote Allen, Barry in Harding Township, skilled, knowledgeable

Letter to Observer-Tribune 2-Nov-2017

EDITOR: I am writing to endorse Rhonda Allen and Kate Barry for Harding Township committee.

I was born and raised in Harding Township and have known the Barry and Allen families my entire life. I first met Rhonda about 30 years ago after she married a childhood friend of mine, Peter Allen.

Over the past 17 years since I moved back to Harding to start a family and my psychology practice I have been fortunate to get to know Rhonda much more closely as a friend and professional colleague.

Rhonda was quite helpful to me as I was starting my practice. She was already well connected with the local and state psychological associations that she has been an active member for and held several leadership roles over the past two decades. Rhonda is well known and highly respected in our local psychological community.

I feel very confident that her finely tuned skills of conflict resolution and mediation will be an asset to the Township Committee along with her high standards for ethical practice.

Kate has the local knowledge that can only come with lifelong residency. Between volunteering at the New Vernon Presbyterian Nursery School and her lifetime of activity in the town, she seems to know everyone in Harding. I am very impressed with Kate’s commitment to Harding and passion for getting involved in our local government.

She knows our bridle path riding trails better than most. When she is not riding on the trails, she can be seen running on the Harding roads, often with a bottle or can she’s picked up to take home and recycle.

She is open-minded, forward thinking, but also has an enormous respect for and love of history. Her expertise in environmental issues and sustainable development, along with her first-hand knowledge of the Harding real estate market will greatly enhance the Township Committee, bringing experience and skills like no other.

I urge everyone to join me in voting for Rhonda Allen and Kate Barry, two women of strength, intelligence, and character on Nov. 7.


Millbrook Road Harding Township

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