Encourage different viewpoints in Harding Township

Observer-Trinune reference

Published 30-Oct-2017

EDITOR: I was very disappointed to read a letter, just posted on the Observer-Tribune website, which lowers the level of political discourse in Harding.

During my 14 years of service in Harding governance I experienced more often than not that alternative perspectives, constructively presented, led to better decisions. In the end, the decision makers and the alternative viewpoint presenters may agree to disagree, but the process and the decision as well as the people involved more often benefited from the juxtaposition of these views.

The letter writer implies that you shouldn’t aspire to elected office in Harding without a resume of membership without having been appointed to official board or committee. I have seen instances, however, where individuals have served actively in elected positions in Harding with little more in their resume bag than an appreciation of Harding’s history, values and priorities, coupled with a deep commitment to protecting and enhancing all of those.

That (Rhonda) Allen and (Kate) Barry are willing to put themselves out there to constructively represent alternative viewpoints is to be encouraged if not applauded. Both of these individuals appreciate and value Harding as they find it, but win or lose, are motivated to nudge Harding governance to make it even better.

I am a strong supporter of bi-partisan dialogue and while the voters will ultimate decide who they feel can best represent them, the process and the product is very likely to benefit Harding and that includes all of us.


Former member Board of Adjustment, Planning Board, Township Committee

Lake Trail East, Harding Township

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