Bring a different political point of view to Harding

EDITOR: I write to endorse the candidacies of Rhonda Allen and Kate Barry for the Harding Township Committee.  Both are Democrats.

Every day we hear calls for bipartisanship as our nation becomes more and more polarized.  Fortunately, we in Harding have enjoyed a civil discourse that is respectful and predicated on the shared values of civic engagement, fiscal responsibility and respect for the environment. We all want to preserve our community’s unique and special way of life.

Engaging all members of our community is an important component of the success of our town because our community relies so heavily on volunteers to operate and to keep our taxes low.

This election presents a rare opportunity to open our local government to those who have not felt part of the process. For the last 28 years that I have resided in Harding, we have had one–party representation.  As someone who is not a member of that party, it is alienating.

Electing representatives of other parties to the Township Committee will inspire a greater feeling of community and encourage more volunteerism on the part of those who may feel disenfranchised.

Both Rhonda and Kate are excellent candidates for the Township Committee. They will serve all of our community while also broadening the representation across more than a single party’s constituents.

Both have lived in Harding for decades.   More importantly, both have a long and substantial history of volunteering in the town.

Rhonda’s two children attended the Harding Township School and she was an active member, both as a parent and as a professional, of the school’s Family Life Committee.   For a great many years, Rhonda was an HTRA team manager for soccer, basketball and baseball teams.  She also provided support for the Harding Cub Scouts by, among other things, coordinating Frost Valley weekends and hosting social events.  Most recently, she actively fought against the placement of the T-Mobile Cell Tower in the heart of rural Harding.

Kate was born and bred in Harding.  She attended the Harding Township School.  An avid equestrian, she belongs to the Harding Township Green Village Bridle Path Association.

As a member of a family actively involved on many sides of Harding politics, she was imbued with a desire to serve from a young age.  She studied political science at the College of Charleston and was a member of the South Carolina Student Legislature.  It is only natural that she now seeks a role in her local government.

Both Rhonda and Kate will bring special talents to the Township Committee. With a PhD from Saint John’s University, Rhonda is a licensed psychologist and a trained mediator. She knows how to listen and she knows how to conciliate.

Kate earned a degree in environment and sustainable development from University College, London, and has worked in the area of environmental policy in New Jersey and New York.  She intends to keep Harding clean and green.

Rhonda and Kate’s campaign slogan is “Shared Values, Fresh Perspectives.”  What they bring to the table is the perspective of many of those members of our community who share the values of what makes Harding special, but who belong to a political party different from the one that has governed for decades. I urge all Harding voters to open their minds to the notion of engaging all members of our community and vote for these new faces on Nov. 7.


Spruce Lane

Harding Township

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