LETTER (Observer Tribune): Buck status quo, elect Harding Democrats

EDITOR: There’s an election coming up Nov. 7 slating two female Democratic candidates against Republicans for Harding Township Committee.

For years, Harding has had unopposed Republican leadership. We live in one of the most bucolic parts of New Jersey yet enjoy low taxes. Change, the status quo advocates say, could mess up a good thing.

Rhonda Allen and Kate Barry, the two women running on the Democratic Ticket for Township Committee, suggest just the opposite. They believe our town business should be run more openly. Additionally, our community benefits from a more spirited discussion on local issues.

Here is a prime example: The Glen Alpin Conservancy. The historic home was not renovated completely because of a huge cost overrun. Today, the community is left with a decaying building and the remnants of an idea never fully flushed out after years of bad decision-making.

Rhonda Allen is a licensed psychologist trained to listen. She and her family have lived in Harding for over 25 years. She was key in ensuring that T-Mobile wasn’t allowed to mar our rural landscape with their proposed cell tower.

Kate Barry comes from a political Harding family. A Realtor, Kate is also an avid equestrian who belongs to the Harding Township Green Village Bridle Path Association. Kate’s studies in environmental affairs have led her to be a steward of Harding’s green space.

Having Allen and Barry on the Township Committee will bring expertise not currently on the present committee. Their vantage points will allow for a more thoughtful and thorough approach to problem-solving on the more difficult issues currently facing the board, rather than keeping with the “business as usual” approach.

I urge voters to pull the lever in favor of Allen and Barry, who recognize what is special about Harding Township. Together, they will ask the tough questions that will lead us to do better than the status quo.


Hemlock Lane, Harding Township


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