About the Harding Democrats

Breaking News…Amanda Richardson running for Harding Township Committee (20-March-2019)

Amanda Richardson (Chair of the Harding Democratic Committee) has announced that she is the Democratic Candidate for Harding Township Committee in 2019. See this story for more details. To donate to her campaign, click below.

Introduction to Harding Democrats

Like Democrats across the nation, Harding Township Democrats have been re-energized at the grass roots level by the election of Donald Trump.  Harding Democrats took part in the Women’s March on Washington in January 2017 and have been active in organizing and supporting democratic candidates in Harding and Morris County.
Amanda Richardson serves as Harding Township Democratic Chair, and Mark Magyar as Vice-Chair. You can reach us by email at hardingdems@gmail.com or by posting to our Harding Township Democrats Facebook page.
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